Your facility is more than bricks and mortar; it is part of your overall strategy to increase return on investment and quickly deliver quality products to your customer. You need a partner with industry foresight and client focus that understands your business.​

Whether you are looking for turnkey automated material handling solutions, a complete design concept or operating facility planning, Integral Strategic Solutions uses an IPD approach to your business objectives to save you time and resources.​




Since Integral can provide service for the entire project life-cycle, communication is easy.

Instead of worrying about your schedule and budget, your team can focus on finding opportunities to make your customers' lives easier. Enhanced, trustworthy communication creates team synergy that leads to innovation and optimal outcomes. 






As your trusted partners, we ask the right questions and provide adequate data and insights to maximize value and savings.


We pride ourselves over customer satisfaction and long-term relationships with our clients. Your achievements and successes drive us to continuously look for alternatives along the entire process to offer you cost-saving solutions.


By working collaboratively, we leverage our strengths to take you through each step of the process together.


Through our lean approach, we uncover solutions to reduce waste, increase efficiencies and organize your project to achieve impressive results.