Double Handling: The Costs for an Off-site Cold Storage Facility

May 1, 2019

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Remember where technology was 10 years ago? It was accessible but expensive and less capable. Looking at technology in 2018, we see that the growth rate increasing at a tremendous speed, while at the same time becoming less expensive and more capable. On the other hand...

Safety is an important part of any plant and reducing the risk of injury leads to a more positive team and work environment. Integral Strategic Solutions wants to offer you 5 easy steps to creating a safer electric room. Some of this may sound trivial, but the results...

Whether your project is a new building, an addition to an existing facility, or adding material handling or automation systems, we have a few ideas for you. See our top 10 suggestions for maximizing your electrical investments.

Capital projects are big deals. Often leaders are “betting heavy” on making a capital project work for their business unit and getting the ROI they promised. Unfortunately, the capital projects industry historically hasn’t done very well in this regard. Studies show th...

A successful project starts with solid planning and ends with a smooth hand-off. The phrases "on time" and "under budget" are often used in discussions of capital projects. Communication and coordination can lead to a better project, and also are th...

Project schedules may fall apart for any number of reasons, but it’s often a case of poor planning and a lack of communication. Taking the time to put together a formal plan may take time, but in the end it leads to a more successful project. Here are four keys that ap...

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