Double Handling: The Costs for an Off-site Cold Storage Facility

May 1, 2019

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Integrated project delivery (IPD) is an innovative way to excel your construction planning reducing waste, cutting costs, and improving productivity. IPD combines multiple phases of the project into one team effort so all are trying to meet one goal.

Although large capital projects may seem like the place to focus your attention, small capital projects can bring unplanned risks and delays in the project. By focusing on collaboration, potential risks, the project partner, and self-assessment can lead to a more effec...

In the construction business, teams are coming together, doing the work, then moving on to the next project. While the team may find an efficient and innovative process, it disintegrates when each team moves to other projects separate from each other. Collaboration and...

New research shows that America’s design-build projects continues to deliver projects faster, and with greater reliability in cost and schedule performance. Over the decades, even as projects have evolved in complexity through many diverse economic cycles, design-build...

Owners preparing for a capital project or renovation can reap big benefits by breaking away from traditional construction methods and instead selecting design-build. Why? Because it has faster project delivery and saves time. So how does design-build work?

Successful collaboration can lead to more cost savings, but having a team that listens is even more effective. Often between the manufacturer and the project contractor, there is lost communication. A manufacturer understands the clients while a contractor understands...

Construction is a risky business. Each construction project is unique and comes with its own risks, but not all risks are negative. Being able to identify and manage risks can lead to increased profits, better relationships, and growth in your company.

A successful project starts with solid planning and ends with a smooth hand-off. The phrases "on time" and "under budget" are often used in discussions of capital projects. Communication and coordination can lead to a better project, and also are th...

Project schedules may fall apart for any number of reasons, but it’s often a case of poor planning and a lack of communication. Taking the time to put together a formal plan may take time, but in the end it leads to a more successful project. Here are four keys that ap...

Being mistreated and under served by a service provider is a very frustrating experience, and it is a whole other matter when this is happening to your customer

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