Double Handling: The Costs for an Off-site Cold Storage Facility

May 1, 2019

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Small logistics companies should always be looking for ways to up their game, and the solution may not be looking at your competitors rather at some of the most successful logistics companies. How do they handle inventory management?

In the construction business, teams are coming together, doing the work, then moving on to the next project. While the team may find an efficient and innovative process, it disintegrates when each team moves to other projects separate from each other. Collaboration and...

In one warehouse, Kuecker Logistics used automation to improve inventory management. What once was a manual system which was inefficient, costly, and labor-intensive now has record shipments. Order fulfillment is no longer a worry and throughput and order accuracy has...

New research shows that America’s design-build projects continues to deliver projects faster, and with greater reliability in cost and schedule performance. Over the decades, even as projects have evolved in complexity through many diverse economic cycles, design-build...

Some form of automation can be found all the way back to Henry Ford. When Ford made the assembly line, it not only increased production, but it lowered the overall price of automobiles and increased consumer demand. Historically, automation was never intended to replac...

Incidents and disruptions make it difficult to continue everyday facility activities during capital improvements. To most, incidents and disruptions seem unpreventable, but we believe there are ways to prevent them through safety plans and an integrated team.

Omni-channel fulfillment is based around using one inventory to fulfill multiple types of orders which could lead to many advantages for a company. Done incorrectly could lead to a less efficient and a higher labor demand. If your company wants to look for ways to solv...

Owners preparing for a capital project or renovation can reap big benefits by breaking away from traditional construction methods and instead selecting design-build. Why? Because it has faster project delivery and saves time. So how does design-build work?

Remember where technology was 10 years ago? It was accessible but expensive and less capable. Looking at technology in 2018, we see that the growth rate increasing at a tremendous speed, while at the same time becoming less expensive and more capable. On the other hand...

Successful collaboration can lead to more cost savings, but having a team that listens is even more effective. Often between the manufacturer and the project contractor, there is lost communication. A manufacturer understands the clients while a contractor understands...

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