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Does Your Service Partner Care About Your Customer as Much as You Do?

Being mistreated and under served by a service partner is a very frustrating experience, and it is a whole other matter when this is happening to your customers.

Maybe your service partner is always late in delivering service. Maybe they are always over budget, or maybe they cannot innovate quickly enough to provide the kind of service your customers want and need.

In the Army, I had a Battalion Commander say, "It’s OK to do the right thing."

If a provider is serious about winning your business, then they will invest in your company. Not just monetarily. They will think of ways to save you money, reduce your waste in production, and deliver above and beyond what the contract states.

I encourage you to work with companies that are not simply a service partner, but those who are intellectual and financial partners. You deserve to work with partners that see problems as opportunities to make your customers' lives easier.

Anyone can provide you a service, but working with partners who have a vested interest in your success makes them an owner. Ownership always increases engagement, and increased engagement with the right partners creates synergy and, ultimately, return on investment.

For this reason, Integral Strategic Solutions has your best interest in mind. We look for ways to reduce time, money, and waste for your company. Our integrated team model and design-build approach can provide you with a trusted, established team for all our capital project needs.

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