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6 Proven Solutions for Beer Wholesalers for Future Growth & Profit

The beer industry can be unpredictable at times. Wholesalers must be ready for short-term changes while preparing for the growth of the future. Here are six solutions that you can implement in your warehouse for future growth and profit.

1. BeerStor™

This solution is ideal for distributors selling 1.5 to 8 million cases per year and provides 50% or more pallet storage in your existing space without costly additions. It delivers a return on investment in 3-5 years while eliminating the time-consuming, unproductive shuffling of pallets. Learn more about BeerStor™ in this blog.

2. BeerStage™

Ideal for distributors selling 8 million cases per year or more, this solution offers significantly lower labor costs with increased accuracy. It focuses on varying levels of automation up to fully built SKU and/or Account Based pallets. This solution tends to deliver a return on investment in two to four years.

3. Layer Picking and Case Flow

This is one of the easiest ways to increase productivity in your warehouse. It allows you to be more efficient in how you store the product and pick your slow-moving SKUs. You can also take advantage of taller clear heights to give you more space in your storage areas.

4. Voice Picking

If increasing visibility into your warehouse operations is important to you, voice picking is a great solution. You can also monitor productivity, significantly increase accuracy and receive faster and more efficiently.

5. BeerWare WM™ and

6. BeerWare WC™

Both BeerWare WM™ and BeerWare WC™ have similar advantages. They both maximize productivity and increase cost savings by utilizing task optimization at every step of the warehousing process. These solutions also integrate inventory control, labor management, labor scheduling, order selection, billing management, receiving, and support.


Integral Partner, Kuecker Logistics Group, developed this Six Pack of Solutions to help you position your warehouse for future growth and profit. This family of products is designed to be either standalone or integrated as a total solution by providing the flexibility to add future components, thus allowing wholesalers to build on their existing investment.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about this Six Pack of Solutions, please contact our Material Handling expert, Jim Kuecker. Visit our Material Handling service to learn more about how the Six Pack of Solutions can benefit you.

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