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Why Design-Build is the Best Project Delivery Method

The majority of owners, engineering firms, and contractors share common goals of completing each project safely, on time, and within budget. Selecting the appropriate project delivery method to complete your next project will have significant influence and bearing on the outcomes of achieving these goals. Which project delivery method will save the most time and money while providing predictable project outcomes?

The traditional design-bid-build approach is used widely across many industries for construction projects. However, it expends a considerable amount of time and money to effectively implement. This time and money is often not available or accounted for in schedules, ROI calculations, or operational budgets and could be better spent elsewhere. The ability to have collaborative, value-added discussions with contractors is an afterthought when the project design is at a level of completion. This afterthought often prohibits input without spending more time and money, even if changes were beneficial to the success of the project.

An alternative approach, utilized on time sensitive projects, is fast-track construction management. Design and procurement efforts in this approach are initiated in a more effective manner than in the design-bid-build approach, reducing the amount of time and cost required to complete your project.

A comparison of three project delivery methods

Yet, there is still a better approach that will bring the most value, time, and cost savings to your next project.

Enter the design-build project delivery method of executing projects championed by Integral Strategic Solutions. By establishing an integrated construction team that is aligned with your business goals and objectives from the onset, you can be rest assured that key stakeholders will be involved in decisions that influence the project from design development activities through commissioning and start-up.

Embracing collaborative input from the owner, engineering team, and contractor through the design-build approach will expedite the preconstruction process and provide you with the confidence you need for your next capital project, all while expending only 1-2 percent of the total project cost. The project scope, preliminary design, and engineering developed through this approach allow Integral to produce a detailed construction estimate with a high degree of assurance in the cost to construct your project. The amount of time required to complete your project is reduced by approximately 25 percent, and significant cost savings are realized.

Having accurate cost, schedule, and scope information available months ahead of the other project delivery methods empowers owners to adjust and implement strategic business decisions very early in the lifespan of a capital project. In a world of rapidly changing business conditions, maintaining flexibility and adjusting “the plan” during the course of a project are challenges that frequently present themselves. By utilizing the design-build project delivery method, you can maintain focus on your growing business and allow Integral to deliver your next project investment more efficiently.

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