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Incidents and Disruptions: How the Unpreventable Becomes Preventable

When implementing capital improvements in an existing facility, one of the biggest challenges is maintaining capacity while the improvements are being made. It would be easy if a plant were able to be shut down every time it needed a modification, upgrade, or expansion, but that is generally not an option if you want to grow and stay in business.

During these improvements, not only do you worry about loss time, but you worry about the risk of an incident or injury. Every company knows that there is nothing more disruptive to a business or project than an incident or injury. While accidents seem unavoidable, incidents that cause injury or illness, or endanger the environment can be preventable. By developing a safety plan from the inception of a project, it can provide planning to proactively identify potential hazards and methods to mitigate. This can maintain the safety of your plant, employees, operational support and construction personnel.

Additionally, there are many disruptions that cripple your production and daily operations that can be avoidable such as product contamination, shutdowns, utility or power outages, constraints on logistics, and project delays. One way to avoid these disruptions is promoting and establishing a fully integrated team. This team—from inception through start-up—includes key stakeholders from the client, local authorities, designer and contractor to successfully complete the project. A collaborative team of experts and a safety plan can minimize risk, avoid project disruptions, and make your overall facility improvements better.


Integral Strategic Solutions provide experienced personnel who know how to design, plan, sequence, and execute the work with a proven history of success in maintaining our client’s plant capacity while implementing capital improvements. Learn more about our collaborative services here.

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