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5 Ways You Can Stay on Top of Warehouse Equipment Maintenance

When equipment breaks down, it can slow down productivity and result in time and profit losses. Your company's success depends on how well your warehouse equipment performs. Ensure that your warehouse is always running smoothly by following these five steps:

1. Check for wear

If your warehouse machinery experiences friction, high temperatures, or vibrations, it's definitely on the path to breaking down. If you leave standard wear and tear unaddressed, it can grow steadily worse until the machinery fails entirely.

2. Keep records and come up with a maintenance schedule

Components like tires, electrical systems, and fluid levels need to be maintained regularly to stay in good working condition. Keeping careful records of the status of each item that needs maintenance and performing regular maintenance checks can help keep your equipment working stronger for longer.

3. Make sure everything has the right grease and oil

Moving parts create a lot of friction which can wear down machinery if there is no lubricant. When you run your maintenance check, look for too much grease on pistons or oil leaks. You can ensure the lubricant is getting to the machinery that needs it and no part is experiencing too much friction.

4. Keep large machinery clean

Large machines have seals, valves, and filters that should all be kept clean to ensure they perform and function well. If possible, store your large machinery out of the elements to make sure they are not exposed to weather that could cause rust or rot.

5. Bring in a life-cycle support team to take care of your equipment

Cut down on unforeseen downtime and costs with a support team that will assess your equipment and help you plan for the future. Kuecker's life cycle services support team can help you with preventative maintenance, spare parts, long-term maintenance planning, and more!

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This blog was originally posted on the Kuecker Logistics Blog. Find the original article here.

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